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  1. New
    Immunity Gummies

    Immunity Gummies

    Immunity gummy with a delicious citrus flavor, for the entire family.

  2. New
    Vitamin B12 gummies

    Vitamin B12 gummies

    Energy support gummies with a delicious raspberry flavour

  3. HebeDyn


    Youth and health

    Hebenox®: unique Metagenics concept

  4. Cyste Plus

    Cyste Plus


  5. Bariatric Advantage Hair

    Bariatric Advantage Hair

    For maintaining healthy hair.

    In case of hair loss / in case of reduced hair growth.

  6. HepaNutrics


    Supports liver and gallbladder functions

    Plant extracts and choline

  7. NutriDIM


    Source of DIM (diindolylmethane)

  8. Maca 500

    Maca 500

    Peruvian ginseng

  9. Bactiol Baby

    Bactiol Baby

    Unique combination of L. rhamnosus LGG® and B. lactis BB-12®
  10. MetaStudent


    Optimal support for students

  11. Indolplex


    Source of DIM (diindolylmethane)

  12. GlutaNutrics


    Source of L-glutamine, conditional essential amino acid

166 results